The Postgraduate Program in Mechanical Engineering (PG-Mec) of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) was established on March 15, 2000, with Masters degree. Six years later, on March 13, 2006, it was created the PhD level. The program is located in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEMEC) – Campus III of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), in Block IV of the Technology Sector, in Curitiba, PR. Since 2005, the program has grade 5 in CAPES* evaluation, having kept this score in the last triennial evaluation, even with the increase demands of the area. The program currently has approximately 20 professors who are categorized into three levels: full professors, collaborator professors and visitors. Regarding the number of students, the program currently has 50 mastersSetor de Tecnologia students and 50 doctoral students enrolled. The program has in its history a total of 181 defenses of masters and 39 defenses of doctoral theses. The period of the classes is daytime (morning and afternoon) and the school year is quarterly. The program also includes 14 researchers linked to CNPq**, 9 research groups and 8 laboratories to support research and teaching. The program is strictly sensu of MSc and PhD.


The Mechanical Engineering Post Graduated program of Federal University of Paraná has as mission to contribute to strengthen the relationship between University and Industry through the development of research in national and regional interests and by academic education for people trained for the high level of academic and professional world. Basic and applied research, aimed at the transfer of technology, will constitute a differential of the Program.


PG-Mec aims to provide academic education in order to help master and doctor students to work in research and projects, whether in the private sector or in research and educational institutions, in mechanical enginebloco_IVering areas; to contribute to the scientific and technology development of the country through the research made by our students and professors; boost the research in undergraduate level on different areas of the program, and at the same time, introduce the students to the career of researcher; allow that undergraduate students and professionals enroll on isolated courses of postgraduate to improve their skills.


*CAPES – Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel
**CNPq – National Council for Scientific and Technological Development

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