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The Graduate Program in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (PPGERHA) of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) in Curitiba, is the only graduate program in Brazil combining engineering studies within the two research fields of: Water Resources Engineering & Environmental Engineering.

This unique feature promotes fundamental and applied research projects within the areas of: Hydraulics, Hydrology, Meteorology, Cimate Change, Energy Studies, Basic and Environmental Sanitation, Environmental and Industrial Acoustics, Environmental Technologies, Water Resources Management, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Monitoring, Modeling, Environmental Chemistry, Hydrography and Remote Sensing.

Characteristics and unique features

The program currently has 31 professors originating from 7 departments, 2 faculties, 3 universities (UFPR, UTFPR, Positivo), and 2 research institutes (LACTEC and SIMEPAR), thus providing a multidisciplinary working environment, being a unique  feature of PPGERHA. Consequently, the 35 master students, 39 doctoral students and 4 post-docs also have a multidisciplinary training background. The program administrates 45 scholarships, and financial resources from a mix of national and international agencies, companies, and institutions. The state-of-the-art infrastructure is provided by the Department of Hydraulics and Sanitation (DHS) of the UFPR, namely 9 laboratories, two class rooms, a secretary, 5 study rooms for students, as well as offices for post-docs and visiting professors. Besides those labs and rooms, PPGERHA has strong and continuous partnerships with 9 associated laboratories at the UFPR, LACTEC or UTFPR.

Thus, PPGERHA unique features are basically related to the multidisciplinarity of its professors, students, and infrastructure, consequently working in fundamental and applied research projects, which always mix and consider engineering projects with environmental concerns, and not treating those separately.  In addition, innovative teaching and educational methods are part of the PPGERHA philosophy.


The PPGERHA has long and firm cooperation programs signed with the German Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and the INSA of Toulouse (Cooperation CAPES-COFECUB with double degree) the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM). Those guarantee exchange of visiting professors, student exchange, as well as a double degree doctorate.


The profile of PPGERHA alumni are characterized by their strong knowledge in Mathematics, Hydrology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Environmental Chemistry, independent of their undergraduate studies origin (usually coming from civil engineering, environmental engineering, forest engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, and biology), and profound knowledge in multidisplinary courses.

They work within projects considering hydrology, hydraulics, meteorology, climate change, energy, sanitation, environmental acoustics, water technologies, water resources management, solid waste management, monitoring and modeling.

With more than 130 defenses PPGERHA contributed to Human Resources of several companies in the private and public sector, such as Sanepar, Copel, Petrobras, Inmet, Simepar, Lactec, INPE, Vale do rio Doce, Itaipu, IBAMA, Funasa, Essencis, Estre, Ambiotech, Electrolux, Brookfield, Itambé, EnvironQuio, Envex, IPPUC, Votorantim, Geoambiente, Boticário, Titanium, Cargill, as well as other governamental or non-governamental institutions.

Several alumni went abroad or returned to their home countries, now being in charge at high positions in government or private companies.

A part of our alumni continued the academic carreer. PPGERHA is incentivating students with an excellent research profile to test their abilities in our “capacity building program for young doctors”. Those recent doctors pass a course instruction phase, and receiving support for publishing their research results in high-ranked journals.

Vision and Mission

PPGERHA has the mission of Education, Research and Application with a multidisciplinary vision, social responsibility, ethics, sustainability and social prominence. The mission in research and innovation is the contribution to the description, analysis and solution of problems in environmental systems, within their different compartments and components.

PPGERHA’s vision is to be a program of reference and reliable partnership in Water and Environmental Research and Education in Brazil, but using an international perspective. PPGERHA being the only program that integrates the contributions of atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere in environmental and climatic studies with the objective of helping and transforming the socio-economical reality of Brazil.

PPGERHA has been evaluated grade 5! Congratulation and thanks to all contributers and supporters.

  • The evaluation form can be acessed here (portuguese only, pdf).
  • The complete report is available here (portuguese only, pdf).
  • Publications and thesis of the evaluation period are here.
Universidade Federal do Paraná
Postgraduate Program in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
Caixa Postal 19011 - Jardim das Américas - 81531-990
Curitiba (PR), Brasil

Universidade Federal do Paraná
Postgraduate Program in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
Caixa Postal 19011 - Jardim das Américas - 81531-990
Curitiba (PR), Brasil

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