The Program

Professors of the Pharmacology Department of UFPR created the Postgraduate Education course in Pharmacology in 1995, with the objective of updating knowledge in the area, providing laboratory practice and training of qualified human resources. However, even with the annual offer of this professional course, the Department felt the need to deepen the teaching of Post-Graduate education in the field, creating the Master’s degree in Pharmacology in the year 2000, followed by the PhD course in 2005.

The creation of the Postgraduate Education Program in Pharmacology was based on two main objectives: to train qualified human resources in the field of Pharmacology and to strengthen existing lines of research in the Department. Thus, the focal areas of the program were established as: (a) Inflammation, pain and fever; (b) Neurosciences; (c) Natural products; and (d) Toxicology.

Currently, the majority of postgraduates from these research areas hold grants from funding agencies, including CAPES and CNPq. These students and their advisers are involved in the development of quality research projects, thus enabling the publication of studies in flagship journals.

The Program’s productivity indexes show that the efforts of professors and students have produced significant results, since the scientific production and training of the program’s human resources has been increasing. More than 100 masters and more than 25 doctors have been qualified by the Program of Postgraduate Education in Pharmacology of UFPR.