The program

The Graduate Course in Computer Science (PPGInf) is held at the  Computer Science Department at UFPR, it has obtained “concept 4” in the last CAPES evaluation.

It started in 1996 with the Master in Computer Science and since 2009 it offers a PhD in Computer Science, the first public PhD course in the CS area at the state of Paraná, nowadays with more than 50 PhD defenses.

The PPGInf has yield more then 400 Masters in Computer Science, having as main objective providing a very good conceptual formation, couple with strong practical knowledge.

For more information please contact the course coordination.

Secretariat opening hours:

07:30 to 19:30

Phone: (41) 3361-3101


Head: Luiz Eduardo Soares de Oliveira

Vice-head: Roberto Pereira

Administrative staff: Rafael Alves Pereira e Roberto Alexandre Fedechem

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