Palestra sobre Detectores de Falhas em Sistemas Distribuídos – Prof. Pierre Sens

O PPGInf convida para palestra sobre Detectores de Falhas em Sistemas Distribuídos com o Prof. Pierre Sens, do LIP6,
Universidade Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie), um dos nomes importantes na área de sistemas distribuídos.

Data: 10/novembro/2017

Horário: 14:00hs

Local: Auditório do DInf.

Title: “Failure detection in large and dynamic distributed environments”

Nowadays, distributed systems are more and more large and
versatile. Computing units can join, leave or move inside a global
infrastructure. These features require the implementation of dynamic
systems that can cope autonomously with changes in their structure. It
therefore becomes necessary to define, develop, and validate distributed
algorithms able to manage such dynamic at a large scale. Failure
detection is a prerequisite to failure mitigation and a key component
to build distributed algorithms requiring resilience. We introduce
the problem of failure detection in asynchronous network where the
transmission delay is not known. Then, we focus on new advances for
scaling and taking into account the dynamic of the infrastructure. We
present a new scalable perfect failure detection for typical HPC
configurations and a new leader election algorithm for dynamic and mobile
unknown networks.

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