• The selection process for admission to the Master of Science (MSc) degree in Chemistry is held twice a year. Applications are open in November/December (for admission in March) and in June/July (for admission in August).
  • Admission to the PhD course is done in three types of admission processses (A, B or C):



This applies to candidates who have not yet obtained an acceptance letter from a member of the PPGQ faculty and therefore have not yet defined a research project to be developed during the PhD course.

In this case, the selection process is similar to that carried out for the MSc course, and involves: 1. A written test in Chemistry; 2. Analysis and scoring of the Curriculum vitae; 3. An interview with the Selection Committee.

The detailed description of this selection process can be found at: (Item 4 – Steps of the Selection Process).

The selection calendar is available at:



This selection process applies to candidates who have already defined a research supervisor among the PPGQ faculty members, and have therefore obtained an acceptance letter to enter a research group.

Applications completed and submitted on or before the 15th day of each month will be considered for admission in the following month, provided that the candidate is approved in the selection process.

Details on the Type B selection and admission processes are presented in Chapter VII of the PPGQ/UFPR Internal Regiment (in Portuguese) and are summarized below.
Selection in the months of February/March and July/August, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 31 of the Internal Rules of the PPGQ.
This modality applies exclusively to the graduates of the Academic Master’s course of the PPGQ/UFPR who have been admitted to the Program through the selective processes regulated by the Public Anounccements 01/2016 – PPGQ/UFPR, 01/2017 – PPGQ/UFPR and 07/2017- PPGQ/UFPR, and who have defended their master’s dissertation within a maximum period of 24 (twenty four) months from the date of their first enrollment in the Program.
  • Specific information about the selection processes for admission to each of the courses can be accessed in the “MSc” and “PhD” tabs of this submenu.
  • The detailed calendar of the selection process for the MSc course is presented in the “Calendar – Important Dates” section of this page.