À esquerda, capa do primeiro anteprojeto de criação do curso de Mestrado em Química, datado de 1977. À direita, capa do livro comemorativo dos 60 anos da criação, ocorrida em 1938, do curso de graduação em Química da UFPR.

On the left, the cover of the first project aimed at the creation of the Master course in Chemistry at UFPR, drafted in 1977. On the right, the book released to celebrate the 60th anniversary od the undergraduate course in Chemistry founded at UFPR in 1938.



The Graduate Program in Chemistry at UFPR (PPGQ/UFPR) was created in 1991 in the areas of Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. The first students were admitted in 1992. The accreditation by the Brazilian agency CAPES occurred in 1995 after the defense of the first set of dissertations. In 1999, at its 60th meeting, the Program Governing Board approved an expansion project to create the new Doctoral and Professional Master courses as well as to include the academic areas of Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry in both the Master and Doctoral courses. At that time, the PPGQ/UFPR received the grade 4 (on a scale from 1 to 7) from CAPES and in the following evaluation received grade 5, in recognition to its growing efforts towards a better educational and scientific program. In the evaluation of 2010-2012, the program received grade 6.

Grade 7 followed immediately after the assessment process carried out by CAPES in mid-2017. This splendid result was understood as a response to the actions taken by the faculty members, graduate students and administration board towards the consolidation of excellence in the Program.

In 2017 PPGQ celebrated 25 years of continuous activity at UFPR and will celebrate 30 years in 2022.

Since its creation, the PPGQ/UFPR has graduated more than 400 masters and around 250 doctors, and its graduates have been working in research centers, industries and in Brazilian and foreign public and private universities in various areas of chemistry.

Currently, the PPGQ/UFPR has 44 professors among permanent staff and collaborators, and in 2021, 139students are enrolled in the program.

Highlights of PPGQ-UFPR 2017-2020 Quadrennium

2017 Quadrennial Assessment Results