Electron Microscopy Center at UFPR


The Federal University of Paraná also maintains a modern multi-user Electron Microscopy Center (CME/UFPR), which is equiped with:

  • a JEOL JEM 1200EX-II Transmission Electron Microscope,
  • four Scanning Electron Microscopes: JEOL JSM 6360-LV with EDS analysis, TESCAN VEGA3 LMU, FEI QUANTA 450 FEG and FEI PHENON,
  • a Witec alpha 300R Confocal Raman Microscope, and
  • a Shimadzu SPM 9500 J3 Atomic Force Microscope.

The CME is considered an example of shared research infrastructure in UFPR, with technical personnel allocated by the institution, a Users Committee and a Directing Board elected by the community of researchers. The CME serves practically all research areas of UFPR, as well as other Paraná institutions of higher education and research.

Detailed information on the infrastructure, facilities and services provided by CME/UFPR is available at http://www.cme.ufpr.br/.