Chemistry Buildings


The research laboratories of the PPGQ/UFPR (Graduate Studies Program in Chemistry) occupy a total area of approximately 1600 m2, comprising the Department of Chemistry and the new building of Synthesis and Characterization of Materials, both located on the Polytechnic campus of UFPR, in Curitiba-PR. These laboratories are equipped with a wide range of general equipment and facilities, as well as instruments for specific use of each research group.

                                                       Chemistry Department buildings (DQUI/UFPR)


                                                    One of the Chemistry buildings at UFPR

The new building of Synthesis and Characterization of Materials, which was recently completed in July/2015, houses five research groups of the PPGQ/UFPR in an area of approximately 470 m2. Its construction was financed with Federal funds from FINEP/CT-INFRA (Funding Authority for Studies and Projects, Brazil) and UFPR. The completion and subsequent occupation of the five new labs allowed a redistribution of lab space in the Department of Chemistry buildings, improving the housing of other research groups and freeing up laboratory space for newly-hired young researchers.

                                         New building of Synthesis and Characterization of Materials


It should also be mentioned the institutional effort directed in recent years towards the improvement of available spaces in the Department of Chemistry, which involved research laboratories, classrooms, study rooms (particularly for graduate students) and office space for lecturers and professors. As examples, there were renovations in the Multi-user Laboratory of Chromatography and Thermogravimetric Analysis to accommodate new acquisitions, as well as in the Infrared Spectroscopy Laboratory.

The Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Laboratory, in turn,underwent relocation and modifications to accommodate the existing equipment and also make room for installation of the new FINEP-funded ELEXSYS E500 spectrometer. These changes occurred in parallel with space adaptation carried outin the Environmental Chemistry Laboratory, located in a room adjacent to the EPR spectrometers. In the same context, several other research labs (Synthetic Polymers, Isolation and Identification of Semiochemicals, Enzymatic Technology, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Electrochemical Sensors and Phytobiomass Chemistry) were renovated with financial resources granted by UFPR, CNPq (Brazilian Research Council) and FINEP. These are also examples of the recent improvements in the PPGQ research infrastructure.

In 2013 and 2014, the total remodelling of an existing space enabled the installation of the Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction Laboratory, with CAPES and FINEP resources (link). In 2015, in turn, a new space (30 m2) was built for the installation of the Liquid Nitrogen Producing System, which was acquired in 2013 with financial resources provided by CAPES. The construction of this new housing and the power supply installation were provided by UFPR.

The PPGQ/UFPR also counts on the services of the Chemical Handling and Storage Facility, which occupies its own area of about 600 moutside the main Chemistry buildings. This facility was designed and builtby UFPR for the proper storage and handling of chemicals and solvents that are used in teaching and research activities.

                                     Chemical Handling and Storage Facility – Department of Chemistry UFPR