Multi-user Laboratories


The Department of Chemistry (DQUI) and the Graduate Studies Program in Chemistry (PPGQ) at UFPR maintain several multi-user analytical laboratories, which meet the demands of all DQUI research groups, of other UFPR departments and other institutions.

Each of these laboratories is managed by a professor from the PPGQ, who supervises the training and registration of users, the access to the equipments and their use, and the preparation of maintenance projects that are submitted to the Research Sponsoring Agencies and UFPR.


Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Laboratory (LabEPR)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (LabNMR)

Single-crystal X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory

Powder X-Ray Diffraction and Raman Microscopy Laboratory

Infrared Spectroscopy Laboratory

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry and Environmental Analysis Laboratory

Multi-user Laboratory of Chromatography and Thermogravimetric Analysis

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Glassblowing Workshop

Liquid Nitrogen Producing Facility

Electron Microscopy Center at UFPR