Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (LabNMR)


This is one of the two laboratories of the NMR Center at UFPR; the second is located in the Biochemistry Department. The installation of the LabNMR was originally funded by PADCT-III and received a later contribution from FINEP (Funding Authority for Studies and Projects) through the Research Infrastructure Fund (CT-INFRA).

The LabNMR, which occupies an area of ca 90 square meters,currently houses two Bruker spectrometers (DPX 200 and AVANCE 400 MHz, 4.7 T and 9.4 T respectively). The 400 MHz machine is equipped with multinuclear probes (direct and inverse) for structural analysis in solution, and a 4 mm CPMAS probe for solids, as well as field gradients and temperature control systems.

The NMR Center at UFPR also have a 600 MHz Bruker Ascend spectrometer, which is installed in the Biochemistry Department. In 2016 it also received a Bruker 800 MHz spectrometer, donated by the National University of Australia, which is currently awaiting installation. This will be the first 800 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer operating in the Southern region of Brazil.


Laboratory management:

Prof. Andersson Barison – DQUI/UFPR

Prof. Daniel da Silveira Rampon – DQUI/UFPR

Prof. Guilherme Lanzi Sassaki – Biochemistry Department/UFPR


Laboratory technical staff:

Ana Caroline Quallio Marques – DQUI/UFPR

Arquimedes Paixão de Santana Filho – Biochemistry Department/UFPR

Grazielli da Rocha – DQUI/UFPR


                                                                     Avance 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer (9.4 T)


                                                              Ascend 600 MHz (14.1 T) NMR spectrometer