Multi-user Laboratory of Small and Medium Equipment


Installed in the Department of Chemistry since 1996, this laboratory currently occupies ca 90 square meters and houses, among other small instruments:

  • a Netzsch Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (TG-DSC/DTA), model STA 449 F3 Jupiter,
  • a Shimadzu GC-MS/MS chromatograph, model TQ8040,
  • a Waters HPLC Chromatograph, model 717 Plus Autosampler,
  • a Hitachi F4500 spectrofluorimeter,
  • a Jasco P-2000 polarimeter.

The funds for the acquisition of these equipments were granted by PETROBRÁS, the Pro-Equipment Program from CAPES, FINEP/CT-INFRA and CNPq.

The main users of this laboratory are researchers from the Graduate Programs in Chemistry, Engineering and Materials Science, Pharmacy, Biochemistry and Mechanical Engineering of UFPR, as well as research groups from PUC-PR (Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná) and UEPG (Ponta Grossa State University).

In addition to the multi-user equipment located in the laboratories listed above, which are shared by all PPGQ/UFPR research groups, the Program’s research laboratories have several other smaller equipment that meet the specific and routine needs of each group. 


Laboratory management:

Prof. Beatriz Helena Lameiro de Noronha Sales Maia

Prof. Bruno José Gonçalves da Silva

Prof. Izabel Cristina Riegel Vidotti

Prof. Leni Campos Akcelrud

Prof. Patricio Guillermo Peralta Zamora


Laboratory technical staff:

Angelo Roberto dos Santos Oliveira, MSc


                                                                 GC-MS/MS chromatograph, model TQ8040


                                       Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (TG-DSC/DTA), model STA 449 F3 Jupiter


                                                     HPLC Chromatograph, model 717 Plus Autosampler