Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Laboratory (LabEPR)


The EPR facility at UFPR was originally funded by PADCT (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Subprogram) and subsequently received a significant contribution from FINEP (Funding Authority for Studies and Projects, Brazil). With an area of 35 square meters, LabEPR has two BRUKER X-band spectrometers, ELEXSYS E500 and EMX MicroX, for solid state and solution analysis of a variety of samples, at room and low temperatures.

In the more than 20 years, since its implementation in 1993, the LabEPR has been operating continuously, serving several higher education and research institutions throughout Brazil.


Laboratory management:

Prof. Antonio Salvio Mangrich

Prof. Ronny Rocha Ribeiro


                                                 EMX MicroX EPR spectrometer (X-band, continuous wave)


                                                EPR spectrometer ELEXSYS E500 (X-band, continuous wave)