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Trabalhos selecionados para apresentação oral:

  1. Characterization of phenotypic aspects of human glioblastoma cells cultivated in hanging drops submitted to the combined of Temozolomide and Sinvastatin. BARK, J. M.; SPISILA, L. J.; TRINDADE, E. S.; ULRICH, H.; SOGAYAR, M. C.; TROMBETTA-LIMA, M.; WINNISCHOFER, S. M. B.
  1. Development of a model of reconstructed human epidermis (RhE) for in vitro skin irritation testing.GAGOSIAN, V.S.C.; SCHWARZER, A.C.A.P.; OYA-SILVA, L.F.; TRINDADE, E. S.; LEME, D.M.; PESTANA, C.B.
  1. Exploring the role of a long non-coding RNA during the cardiomyogenic differentiation of hESC. PEREIRA, I. T.; CHAN, S.; KYBA, M.; DALLAGIOVANNA, B.
  1. Identification and characterization of carbazoles derivatives as new inhibitors of ABCG2 transporter. ZANZARINI, I.; ZATTONI, I.; KITA, D.H.; REGO, F.G.M.; PICHETH, G.; LE BORGNE, M.; MOURE V, R.; VALDAMERI, G.
  1. In vivo evaluation of the Decabromodiphenyl eter (BDE-209) effects in the darbacazine treatment on the progression of lung metastasis in mice. MANUITT, P.; BISCAIA, S.; LIMA, T.; ALMEIDA, G.; LEÃO-BUCHIR, J.; ROQUE, A. A.; OLIVEIRA, E. C.; TRINDADE, E.; OLIVEIRA C.
  1. Transcriptional changes in human umbilical vein endothelial cells induced by Toxoplasma gondii. GARCIA, L. F. C.; ALBRECHT, L.


As apresentações orais serão no dia 26/06/2019 – quarta-feira, das 16h às 18h.


Trabalhos a serem apresentados na forma de pôster:

1    Aerobic physical training associated to omega-3 reduce inflammatory cytokines in the prostate of Wistar rats submitted to high fat diet
2    Aging and resistance training affect the MMP-2 activity in femurs of rats
3    Analysis of histone post-translational modification in Trypanosoma cruzi under nutritional stress
4    Analysis of the interaction between stem cells and 3D printed scaffolds for tissue regeneration
5    Analysis of the Keap1 / Nrf2 pathway in cells during uremic toxicity
6    Anterior tibialis muscle morphometric changes of obese Wistar rats submitted to whole body vibration
7    Antioxidant Kraft lignins induced DNA oxidation and increased intracellular reactive oxygen species in biological system (HepG2 cells)
8    Biochemical and functional characterization of a recombinant allergen of Loxosceles intermedia venom
9    Caracterization of the histone deacetilase 2 of Toxoplasma gondii
10    Cellular and molecular characterization of mesenchymal stem cells derived from pluripotent cells and prospection of applications in regenerative medicine
11    Characterization of a potential linker histone in Toxoplasma gondii
12    Characterization of porcine heart valve grafts obtained by two different processes of decellularization and in vitro biocompatibility testing with human cells
13    Characterization of the effects of porphyirinic derivatives in ABCG2 transporter
14    Circulating microRNAs in cervical carcinogenesis: promising diagnostic biomarkers from squamous intraepithelial lesions to cervical cancer
15    Commercial pectin alters viability and cell cycle distribution of glioblastoma cells
16    Comparative characterization of histone post-translational modifications of the tritryps
17    Comparison of biochemical and biological properties of recombinant phospholipases D with site-directed mutations from venom of spiders Loxosceles gaucho and Loxosceles laeta
18    Correction of the F508del mutation in lung epithelial cells with cystic fibrosis
19    Correlation between reck isoforms and genes expression in glioblastoma: a bioinformatic tool
20    Cytotoxic effect of a pectin isolated from gabiroba (Campomanesia xanthocarpa Berg) fruit on T98G glioma cell line
21    Cytotoxicity of bismuth nanoparticles (BiNPs) in the murine macrophage line Raw 264.7
22    Detection of cross-reactivity of anti-IgG from Trypanosomatid-infected rats and cattle by immunofluorescence
23    Determination of gum arabic-gold nanoparticle biological effects in B16-F10 3D model
24    Determination of the effects of the mesoionic compound 4-phenyl-5- [4-nitrocinamoyl] -1,3,4-thiadiazolyl-2-phenylamine chloride (MI-D) over tumoral cells (HT29) employing chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) as a in vivo model
25    Development of antibody fragments for selectivity assessment of EGF domain proteins
26    Development of superficially modified magnetic nanoparticles with carbohydrates for the cellular culture of microorganisms
27    Didactic models in the teaching of the cellular morphology of Homo sapiens
28    Distribution of Merlin transposable elements across eukaryotic groups
29    DNA vacines for cancer treatment
30    Effect of TCDD and BDE-209 on cytotoxicity and expression of ATP binding cassette: MDR1, MDR5, MRP1, MRP2, MRP4 in melanoma murino B16F1 cell line
31    Effects of bismuth nanoparticles produced by lasis on mesenchymal stem cells
32    Effects of gradual temperature increase on energetic metabolism of Antarctic fish Notothenia rossii
33    Evaluation of biochemical biomarker responses in Danio rerio larvae in a single and mixture exposure of Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) and Di-iso-pentyl phthalate (DiPeP)
34    Evaluation of decavanadate salts (([V10O28]6-); {(NH4)2[Cu(H2O)6]2[V10O28]}2H2O)  in the development process of HET-CAM vessels
35    Evaluation of food behavior, serum and biometric mother’s parameters of obese rats puppies to metabolic imprinting by small litter
36    Evaluation of in vitro influence of Nyssomyia neivai saliva on infective potential of Leishmania braziliensis stains from the state of Paraná.
37    Evaluation of internalization kinetics and stability of the disintegrin and metalloprotease ADAM23
38    Evaluation of TCTP and its inhibition in neuroblastoma
39    Evaluation of the cytotoxic and anti-metastatic in vitro effects of Lafoensia pacari in colorectal cancer cells
40    Evaluation of the fish oil effect on parameters of obesity and activity of Wistar rats’s macrophages submitted to metabolic imprinting by small litter
41    Evaluation of the internalization pathway and intracellular traffic of the disintegrin and metalloprotease ADAM23
42    Evaluation of the proliferation of cell lines established in culture treated with polinsaturated fatty acids
43    Evidence of transposable elements expression in Rhinella marina (bufo toad) specimens submitted to stress conditions
44    Extracellular vesicles modulate aggressiveness phenotype in human glioblastoma cells
45    Fasting C-peptide / Fasting blood glucose ratio: An auxiliary tool to better understand type 1 diabetes?
46    Founder effect of cancer-associated genetic variants within the Mennonite population reveals a new cell stress-variant of the ROS-activated ZBTB10 gene
47    FOXP3 genetic variants rs3761548 and rs2232365 do not change interleukin-10 plasmatic and cervical levels in HPV-infection
48    From human embryonic stem cells to cardiomyocytes: expression profile analysis of metabolism-related genes
49    Functional analysis of divergent components for the mRNA export in trypanosomatids
50    Functional characterization of Bar-III, a metalloproteinase from Bothrops barnetti venom
51    Functional characterization of CSDC2 during cardiac differentiation of embryonic stem cells
52    Histone Deacetylase directing sign identification to Toxoplasma gondii apicoplast.
53    Importance of the familiarization process in the application of the maximum loaded carrying test in rats
54    In vitro evaluation of glucose influence in Plasmodium falciparum growth
55    In vitro evaluation of the potential antitumor activity of partially hydrolyzed guar gum and its chemically sulfated derivative on melanoma cells
56    In vivo antitumor activity of low molecular weight heparin in murine melanoma model
57    Investigation of biological markers in neurodegenerative diseases and aging
58    Investigation of cell death pathways in pemphigus foliaceus
59    Investigation of periphytic community in a water supply river in Umuarama-PR
60    Kappa carrageenan and its chemically oxidized derivatives: synthesis and cytotoxicity evaluation on melanoma (B16-F10) and fibroblasts (BALB/3T3) cells
61    Large and small extracellular vesicles in Giardia intestinalis: Implications for pathogenesis and drug treatment
62    Modulatory effect of vitamins A, D and E on the redox and inflammatory profile in blood cells of patients with breast cancer
63    Molecular cloning and characterization of a serpin from Loxosceles intermedia venom gland
64    Molecular evolution strategy for optimization of single-chain variable fragments (scFv) binding to human osteopontin
65    Morphological comparison of the skeletal striated muscle of different experimental designs after application of a histopathological analysis protocol
66    Morphometric effects of ladder climbing resistance exercise on extensor digitorum longus muscle of Wistar rats in rheumatoid arthritis model
67    Multigenerational exposure to manganese alters the antioxidant homeostasis and functional conditions of the male reproductive system of mice
68    Nanotoxicity of silver nanoparticles from biological syntesis
69    Oxidation of apoptosis inducing factor to disulfide-linked conjugates
70    Peroxidase Activity of Azolla sp. and Lemna aequinoctialis in effluent contaminated with nitroaromatic compounds
71    Plasmodium vivax AMA1: Implications of distinct haplotypes to immune response
72    Preliminary study about the removal of indoxyl-sulfate, p-cresil sulfate and indole acetic acid by conventional hemodialysis vs. hemodiafiltration
73    Production and evaluation of different constructions of antibody fragments against epiregulin
74    Protective response against toxic effects of Loxosceles spider venoms using recombinant mutated phospholipases-D as antigens
75    Proteomic prospection to identify plasma biomarkers associated with type 1 diabetes mellitus
76    QSOX1 extracellular interaction with plasma membrane proteins of aortic smooth muscle cells
77    Quantification of cancer stem cells in melanospheres
78    Quiescin sulfhydryl oxidase 1 expression in colorectal cancer
79    Rare endoplasmic reticulum stress variants associated with gastrointestinal disorders in the brazilian mennonite population
80    Ribosome-associated lncRNAs in adipose-derived Stem Cells: From RNAs to micropeptides
81    Selective cytostatic effect on human melanoma cell line by a fucose-rich sulfated polysaccharide from marine algae
82    Solubilization strategy of protein CD28
83    TgHDAC4: a histone deacetylase unique to Apicomplexa
84    The reduction of walker 256 tumor and wistar rats cakexia promoted by Euphorbia tirucalli latex
85    The resistance of neuroblastoma cells submitted to different conditions of stress in vitro
86    Understanding the diabetic wound healing by extracellular vesicles perspective
87    Use of Alprazolam during pregnancy: impact on the central nervous system of the offspring


A sessão de pôsteres será no dia 25/06/2019 – terça-feira, das 14h às 16h30min.




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