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Welcome to the PPGERHA website 

The Post-graduate Program on Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (PPGERHA) from the Federal University of Paraná began its activities 35 years ago and currently comprises the Masters and Doctorate courses in two research fields: Water Resources Engineering & Environmental Engineering. 

The main unique feature of the PPGERHA is characterized in the multidisciplinarity of professors and students and thus in the related research projects linking water resources engineering with environmental engineering. 

This unique feature allows applied research and projects in Hydraulic, Hydrology, Hydrography, Water Resources Management, Residue Management, Environmental Chemistry, Basic and Environmental Sanitation, Environmental Technologies, Modelling, Environmental and Electronic Monitoring, Meteorology, Energetic Studies, Climate Change and Remote Sensing. 

CAPES Evaluation 

The PPGERHA was evaluated with concept 5 in the last quadrennial evaluation of CAPES (2013-2016), showing its consistency and quality! Congratulations and thanks to all who contributed and supported PPGERHA. 

  • The evaluation form can be analyzed here (pdf -in the Portuguese language). 
  • The full report can be accessed here (pdf -in the Portuguese language). 
  • Theses and dissertations of the period here. 

Mission, Vision e Values 

The mission of PPGERHA is to “train researchers of excellence and qualified professionals, able to respond with innovation, transdisciplinarity, ethics and responsibility to environmental, social and economic demands, producing scientific and technological knowledge, in the areas of Water Resources e Engineering and Environmental Engineering”. 

The vision of PPGERHA “is to be the program of reference and reliable partnership in the research areas of Water Resources Engineering and Environmental in Brazil with international visibility consolidating the characteristic of integrating the atmosphere, hydrosphere e lithosphere compartments to environmental and climate studies to help to transform the economic-social and environmental reality of Brazil”. 

Given the Mission and Vision expressed e matured by PPGERHA Community, the following values were envisioned for the program, as presented below. 

  • Sense of Belong: PGERHA’s sense of belonging to society in order to try to identify and understand its problems, to take upon itself the longings of this society and to assume the protagonism that is inherent to it as a stricto sensu post-graduation program; 
  • Socio-environmental Responsibility: To assume the feeling of belonging implies the internalization of a sense of responsibility by the PPGERHA. Thus, this responsibility will define a posture that will mobilize the fulfilment of its mission and the achievement of its Vision in order to seek solutions that mitigate and solve environmental problems in order to promote social awareness and well-being; 
  • Critical Thinking: Spreading and exercising critical thinking, whether in the scientific or philosophical sphere, is a fundamental value to PPGERHA, as it is inseparable from the permanent process of reviewing both the way science is done and its social role; 
  • Ethics: Acting in a manner that meets the ethical precepts in force in the established culture and morals is an essential value to PPGERHA since this is crucial to guide the feeling of belonging and ground the actions compatible with the socio-environmental responsibility. However, the ethical “being” must always be under the scrutiny of critical thinking because ethical codes are temporal; 
  • Contribution to Citizenship: It is a value to PPGERHA contributing to citizenship to promote clarification about the responsibilities and freedoms of society concerning itself and its interaction with the environment, especially with water resources. It is not enough for PPGERHA to contribute to the expansion of knowledge and propose solutions. It is also its role to make society aware of its responsibility for the promotion of social well-being and environmental preservation; 
  • Contribution to Society: Contributing to Society would be the value to which the previous values would converge to establish a clear and robust reference that would guide PPGERHA’s stance in search of social, environmental and economic sustainability. 





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Universidade Federal do Paraná
Centro Politécnico, Bloco V
Jardim das Américas - CURITIBA
Telefone:(41) 3361-3210

Universidade Federal do Paraná
Centro Politécnico, Bloco V
Jardim das Américas - CURITIBA
Telefone:(41) 3361-3210

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