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Redes Sociais PPGTurismo
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History of the Program

The Postgraduate Program in Tourism (PPGTurismo) creation results from a long process of consolidation of Tourism Studies at Universidade Federal do Paraná – UFPR.
In 1978, the first undergraduate Tourism degree was established in Curitiba, Paraná, at UFPR. Until now it graduated more than 1000 Bachelors in Tourism. Given broad graduates in different areas of tourism and the expansion of higher education in tourism in Brazil, the demand for postgraduate level leads to the creation of PPGTurismo in 2013.
Currently, there is the Department of Tourism – DETUR and the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism (College of Human Sciences, in Curitiba), the Technology Course in Tourism Management (Litoral Sector, in Matinhos) and, the PPGTurismo – Master’s in Tourism, in Curitiba.

Master’s in Tourism
The Master’s in Tourism had been working on training teachers and researchers. Its mission is to qualify high-level personnel for teaching, research, and practice in tourism development. We are the only Master’s in Tourism in the Southern Region of Brazil in a public university, totally free of charge.
The objectives of the PPGTurismo UFPR are:
to develop and deepen the theoretical and practical training of teachers, researchers, and technicians in tourism studies;
to train high-level professionals to work in teaching, research, extension, and tourism management and development; and,
to contribute to the critical analysis in the apprehension of the relations established among tourism, society, and organizations, considering equitable environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects.
Our vision is to be recognized as a center of excellence in forming human resources and production of knowledge in Tourism Studies.

Research Areas
Tourism and Development is the leading research area of PPGTurismo. It expresses interdisciplinary research and its dissemination to expand economic, political, and social freedoms, inspired by Amartya Sen’s concepts.
The research area unfolds in two research lines: Tourism, Society, and Environment (TSA); and Public and Private Tourism Organizations (OTPP). In their scope, both research lines seek to develop research-oriented to the innovation of products and processes in tourism and approach the idea of Development from its different perspectives.
TSA focuses on the analysis of tourism and its relationship with society, including the economic, spatial, cultural, political, and environmental dynamics related to tourism development. OTPP focuses on analyzing public and private tourism organizations, considering management, industry, and intra-organizational and inter-organizational relations.
Both research lines contemplate the two main fields of tourism studies: tourism as a social phenomenon and tourism as an industry.


Program Coordinator
Dr. Vander Valduga

Vice Coordinator
Dr. Marcia Shizue Massukado Nakatani

Administrative Associate
Angela Maria Lara Rodrigues

Contact Info
Address: Rua Rockefeller, 57
Neighborhood: Rebouças
City: Curitiba, Paraná
ZIPCODE: 80230-130
Telephone: +55 (41) 3535-6281

Redes Sociais

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Universidade Federal do Paraná
Rua Rockefeller, 57
Rebouças - Curitiba
Telefone:(41) 3535-6281

Universidade Federal do Paraná
Rua Rockefeller, 57
Rebouças - Curitiba
Telefone:(41) 3535-6281

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